Dealer Beater Spot

ROLE: Customer seeing a shrink


Street Justice / the bronx - Discovery ID

Currently airing  /  ROLE: Jimmy - Sketch artist


Route 22 Honda (1:00) Airing

Role: Sleazy car salesman


A Crime To Remember

Lead role: John Mahon / District Attorney

Episode: The Wrong Man

Discovery ID Channel (Emmy Award winning show


Sargeant Pixel

Directed by film director PETER BERG


Loud, Angry, and Censored

Montage of vitriol and fervor

The Safe Room (1:00)

Role: Dr. Strenglass (Last Man on Earth)

Click here to see the 20 minute version







Lead role: Henry / Ex drug dealer

Dir: Stephen Harris (UK)


Back To The Future Sex Scenes

College Humor  /  Role: Doc Brown





3 Evil VIllains

Roles: Dr Lance Cornea, Dr. Feilein,and Nazi August Becker
Team Toon

Role: Small business website user


Netflicks: 2 episodes

Lead role: Mr. Kim



Role: Future Man

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