Dealer Beater Spot

ROLE: Customer seeing a shrink


Street Justice / the bronx - Discovery ID

Currently airing  /  ROLE: Jimmy - Sketch artist


Route 22 Honda (1:00) Airing

Role: Sleazy car salesman


A Crime To Remember

Lead role: John Mahon / District Attorney

Episode: The Wrong Man

Discovery ID Channel (Emmy Award winning show


Sargeant Pixel

Directed by film director PETER BERG


The Safe Room (1:00)

Role: Dr. Strenglass (Last Man on Earth)

Click here to see the 20 minute version







Lead role: Henry / Ex drug dealer

Dir: Stephen Harris (UK)


Loud, Angry, and Censored

Montage of vitriol and fervor

Back To The Future Sex Scenes

College Humor  /  Role: Doc Brown





3 Evil VIllains

Roles: Dr Lance Cornea, Dr. Feilein,and Nazi August Becker

Role: Small business website user


Team Toon

Netflicks: 2 episodes

Lead role: Mr. Kim



Role: Future Man

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