Mr Robot - USA Network  

Ep 3.7 dont-delete-me.ko 

Role: Cosplayer Doc Brown 


Happy! - USA Network  ( & USA)

Role :Coroner

Ep 104 Year of the Horse with DEB! MAZAR

Ep107 Destroyer of Worlds with LILI MIROJNICK


MAJESTYK  (1:30)

Role: Ex Bank robber

Dir: Eric Rich

Culver City Film Festival, Los Angeles


Action, Dance, & Physical Comedy (1:25)

Various clips from TV, film, & Music videos

The Night Of (ep 6) 

HBO Mini series

Courtroom scene with Jeannie Berlin

Role: Biologist on the witness stand


Deadliest Decade  (:52)

Discovery ID Channel

Role: Jole Pikel

Comedy Skills of Allen Enlow 

Includes Stand up comedy, Improv w/ Triumph The Comic Insult Dog, & more....

Liner Notes (1:00) 
Seen recently at both the WOODSTOCK & HOBOKEN film festivals 
Click here to see the sizzle reel on Vimeo

Lead role: George Kellington / Former Rock guitarist

Dir- Gregg Bray    

Olivia Moreau & The Secret Idol (1:30) 

3 scenes from ROUGH CUT 

Lead role: Charles Martin / Classic Villain 

Dir- Dave Brusca 

Paul & The Enemy (2:00) 

Title role:Paul Frank / Failed author

Dir- Jeremy Shaftel  

 Shown at the Big Apple Film Festival

Your Parents Hate Your Significant Other- Now What


Role: Dad


New & Improved Comedic characters One minute of characters includes:

Mucho Money TV Host, The Joker,  Sergeant Pixel,

NY1 Raindrop, Coupon Suzie's Psychiatrist,

German Bartender, Donald Trump, Crocodile Hunter

The Sopranos

Feature role: Dr. Harry Winer

Season 5:

Ep 3: with James Gandolfini

Ep 7: Dir. Steve Buscemi


Tim Burton's Secret Formula

Lead role: Tim Burton


The Unremembered

Lead role: Ray / Time jumping farmer

Dir: Chris Knight / Philip K. Dick Festivals


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